GeoJournal Overview

GeoJournal includes some seriously cool features that haven’t been seen in any Geocache management software to date, Mac OR PC. The `insanely great` news is that GeoJournal is a Mac application, and written from the ground up by a Mac user for fellow Mac users. It also integrates with built in Mac applications like Apple iCal, and other third party Mac applications like Google Earth.

Here’s a blow-by-blow look at GeoJournal and it’s unique features.

GPX and LOC importing-

GeoJournal supports fast importing of both GPX and LOC formats, which are the two standard file formats to hold Geocache data. Importing is very quick, and you can directly import into a specific existing category or an entirely new category. GeoJournal also supports “Drag and Drop” importing for even greater convenience!

Multiple Categories for Geocaches-

In GeoJournal, you can group geocaches in different categories, giving you the ultimate flexibility in how you want to organize your cache lists. For instance, you can group any number of caches by type (Micros, Regular, Multi) or by location (Close to home, Atlanta, Los Angeles), or even both (Micros close to home, Multis in San Francisco). You can even create categories for anything YOU want to.

Multiple home locations-

Geocaching is a sport you can do almost anywhere in the world, and many times Geocachers look forward to trips in order to do some Geocaching in new areas. GeoJournal understands that cachers frequently Geocache outside of thier “home” areas. That’s why we support multiple locations as the origin point of your Geocaching. You can define any number of locations and select between them in a list box. The distances between the location and caches are automatically updated.

Built in Google Maps-

A first for any Geocaching app! In-line mapping of any Geocache in your list is available in GeoJournal. No need to switch between your web browser and caching app. It’s all available in one application with the click of a button! GeoJournal queries Google Maps and uses the Google Map API, so you can scroll the map in real time and turn on satellite imagery. It’s all the great features that Google Maps gives you, integrated right in GeoJournal!

Intinerary Generation-

This is an amazingly cool feature in GeoJournal. The Itinerary tab allows you to select a list of caches that you would like to visit. GeoJournal will sort the list based on distance and tell you the approximate total distances. You can freely modify the list, force caches in specific positions, and reorganize the list any way you want.

Feel free to save the itinerary and load it up later. Best of all, you can export the Itinerary list to Google Earth and see the list laid out in the order you have chosen. This is a huge time saving feature to help you plan your next Geocaching adventure.

Record your adventures in the Journal-

It’s amazing that other applications completely overlook this feature…
GeoJournal gives you the opportunity to keep a log of your adventures in the application and attach pictures to each found cache. All your finds are automatically categorized so you can quickly view them all and remember all those great times! I felt that this feature was so important, that I named the application based on it.

POP3 importing-

This is a great time saving feature. If you are a Premium subscriber to, you can generate Pocket Queries (PQs) that are emailed to you. If you have a POP3 account, you can have GeoJournal connect to your email account and automatically download those PQs and import them into any selected category you like.

Paperless Geocaching support-

We support paperless Geocaching by facilitating the export of any category of caches into a CacheMate compatible file. The file can be copied into your Palm PDA and used in CacheMate. If you don’t use CacheMate, we can also export to GPX files for other applications. Also, all itineraries you make can be exported into a plain text file for use with ANY PDA device. Now that’s real convenience!

Integration with other applications-

When it makes sense, we like to integrate with other Mac apps. We can directly open Google Earth (if installed) to view selected geocaches. GeoJournal also integrates with Apple’s iCal to make a list of all your “Finds” that can be viewed directly in iCal! Even more application integration is planned for future releases.

GeoJournal Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.4.x or greater. (10.3 may work, but is untested)
  • 30 Megabytes of available storage (more for larger geocache lists)
  • 1024×768 resoloution
  • Late model Garmin or Magellan GPS receiver recommended with USB support. In general, any GPS receiver supported by GPSBABEL should work
  • Google Earth for Mac OS X recommended for integrated features